What to Expect

Once you book your first YONI STEAM appointment you will receive a confirmation by email and text message. For better communication we recommend you download the Fresha app from your app store to stay up to date and informed of any changes or updates to your appointment. 

When booking your appointment you have the choice to book at either our Oshawa or Toronto location. We are currently working from home and for privacy reasons only provide the full address at the time of your appointment. 

If you begin menstruating or are still menstruating on the day of your appointment please contact us to reschedule.  You cannot enjoy a yoni steam session if you are menstruating or pregnant. You can however enjoy a yoni steaming session if you have an IUD, just simply let us know prior to your session so we can Intake Formmake the necessary adjustments. If you have any genital piercings you may want to remove them so that the stainless steel does not become hot and cause harm to your skin.

Approximately 24 hours before your appointment you will receive a reminder email message from us. The 24 hour reminder email will include the full address and time of your appointment. If you need to make changes to your scheduled appointment, please do so before this time.  

If you click on the Directions icon in the app you will be directed to downtown Oshawa or Toronto Beaches area but not directly to our location.  Read the message for full address details. 

You will also receive a link to our consultation form; please complete this prior to your appointment so we can better prepare for you. Every clients is required to complete an intake form as we need to know exactly which herbal blend to prepare to meet your personal needs.

Each appointment is a personal and private experience. Unless you book with your girlfriends you can expect to have a private session at either one of our locations.  To book a pamper party with your girlfriends please contact us directly to allocate the necessary time required.

At the time of your scheduled appointment we will discuss the details of your Intake form and any concerns you may have.  Then you will be provided with a robe to change into. Once your YONI STEAM is prepared and waiting for you, you will be instructed when it is safe to sit down to enjoy. 

15 min Consultation Appointment

Most clients will steam for approximately 30 minutes, however there are times when adjustments are made for your safety.  This will be discussed further during your initial consultation at the time of your first appointment.  

Once you finish your yoni steaming session you are encouraged to return to the restroom and change back into your personal clothing. Some of the herbs used are a diuretic and therefore give you the urge to empty your bladder. You will also feel relaxed and refreshed after your first session. You do not have to refrain from intercourse or any other activities for that matter. Many ladies (and gentlemen too) have commented on the improved sexual experience, so you can go ahead and give it a test run ASAP if you wish!

To maintain these benefits and improved menstrual cycle we recommend regular yoni steaming every 3 weeks.  If you have other concerns we may recommend coming in more often or a different frequent routine.  If it is challenging or impossible for you to come into the spa for service, ask us about our steaming at home options.

Check out our FAQ page for more than what we've covered here.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.